About Me

When I was studying English at the University of Hull, I began to appreciate the role of stories in our lives. They educate us. They entertain us. They convince us to share them with other over drinks in a pub or breaktime during work.

If you think about how the human race started and how it has grown to where it is today, what do you think motivated them to do the things they have done? What made Thomas Edision want to create the first light bulb? What convinced Walt Disney to draw up Mickey Mouse?

Of course they both had different reasons, but there’s something that connects them to each other. Because there’s a story to tell in both cases, isn’t there?

Look at what’s happened after these stories were first told. They’ve led on to things that have wowed humanity ever since, such as the mobile phone, the computer, the film industry, the internet.

They’ve opened the gateway for endless possibilities. And in my case, I want to use this knowledge to create my own stories.

I’m George, and this is my writing blog.