NaNoWriMo Dairy – Days 10 & 11

Alright, so days 10 & 11 have gone by for NaNoWriMo.

Word Count

Day 10: 523

Day 11: 604

Total Word Count: 10,834


This has been a bad weekend, to put it simply. I had a few more martinis than I should have done on Friday night which really compromised my mood and kept me up most of the night. With only two or three hours of good sleep, I was writing on fumes. The idea to take a day off popped up in my head, but I would be busy the next day with work and spending time with my family, so I had to keep going, unfortunately with little progress.

There were, however, some positives to take. And when I say positives, I don’t mean dismissing problems as a means of getting complacent with the goals I’ve set myself this month; I mean I have to look at the things I’ve done so far and use them to propel myself further. It’s the best way.

The hour and a half I spent writing on Sunday morning were refreshing for me. I was in danger of losing connection with my story on Saturday due to lack of motivation, but I rediscovered the magic within my own story with a clear head and sharing it with people over Facebook and reading it to my family.

Going forward, while I plan on maintaining a social life, I have to be more disciplined with myself concerning drinking. From disturbing my sleep to leaving me drained the next day, it has potential to throw me off my game.

There are still nineteen days left in NaNoWriMo. Plenty of time to make some ground.

How are all of your word counts? Did you do better than me over the last few days? Let me know in the comments section below!

Have a nice couple of days and I’ll be back soon! Bye!

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