NaNoWriMo Diary – Day 6 & 7

Hi everyone!

So for my NaNoWriMo posts, I’m trying something different. I’m gonna write about two days in one post so I can put a bit more content into a post as well as not spam on top of your reader section on WordPress. Let me know if this is easier for you at the end of the post.

Here we go!

Word Count

Day 6 – 1,459 

Day 7 – 1,900

Total Word Count: 7,996


These past two days have been challenging in finding the right pathway for Powerful Minds to go down. My main characters, Andrew and Claire, have finally met and now I can grow their relationship. I know what kind of relationship I want them to have, but was just a case of laying the right building blocks for it and deciding what those building blocks were going to be.

There was also the challenge of not self-editing as I wrote because I know that my manuscript will need a lot of TLC before I publish it. I’m keen to get it done and build my profile as an author, but it’s true what they say about patience: it really is a virtue, especially in NaNoWriMo. Self-editing and writing go together, just not very well, so treat self-editing as another distraction you need to eliminate.

Writing Rate

I’m currently averaging around 400 words per hour, which is fine at this stage in the month for me, but I need to step it up. I’ll be moving onto a new contract at work where I’ll be working more hours during the week, so that rate needs to go up if I’m gonna write this book at a good pace.

An ideal writing pace would be anything around 600 per hour for me, that way I can hit 2,000 words in under four hours.

All over Facebook, I see some people getting disheartened by lack of progress in comparison to others, and I want to tell you that every writer is different. We all work at different speeds and we all have our own routes to success, so just find out what works for you. We’re all putting ourselves through the wringer for the same goal, so if you see someone on Facebook struggling or feeling down about their writing, reach out to them and keep them going!

One week down, three more to go! How are all of you getting on? Be sure to follow my blog, leave a like or a comment about your progress!

Have a nice evening and I’ll be updating my progress soon! Bye!


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