NaNoWriMo Diary – Day 2

Alright, so Day 2 of NaNoWriMo is done!

How did it go?

After a horrible night’s sleep when I kept waking up every hour, I finally go out of bed and sat myself down with my laptop at nine this morning. I had an hour and a half to write before I had to get ready and go to work, and thankfully I managed 582 words to start off my day.

Work lasted from 12-4, and while it was a short day’s work, it felt like it went on forever as my main concern was coming back to my laptop to write my book. I had to do a bit of shopping for my mum after I finished though, and I got home by twenty to five.

As I got my work uniform off and got into my pyjamas, I laid on my bed and decided to have a breather before I started writing again today. I told myself that after dinner, I would go back to writing for as long as I could. I finished my dinner at five to six and got writing again, managing another 814 words in roughly two and a half hours before stopping today and completing my diary entry.


The Verdict

1,396 was my total for the day, and my overall total to 2,598.

I’m happy to have beaten my total from yesterday. Today I focused more on letting a scene breathe, focusing on every little detail which gives me a clearer picture of my story. By writing more and more of my story, I discover more and more about my characters such as who they are and what they look like. While every word will not make it into my final novel, the knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout writing this first draft will be useful, meaning that nothing I’m doing here will go to waste.

This will need tidying up just like any other manuscript, and this kept crossing my mind and distracting me as I wrote today. The advice I remembered was something I wrote earlier on in the book: ‘How can you expect to go forward when you’re so concerned with what’s behind you?’ Rewrites are daunting, but necessary, and while it’s good to have this knowledge, there’s no point in worrying about it yet.

Let’s just deal with what’s in front of me for now.

This weekend, I’m in Swindon seeing an old friend for a late Halloween party, so it’s a write off (pun intended) for any writing. I’m not so worried about it because it’s a chance for me to enjoy myself, something I haven’t been doing enough of recently. Whatever happens, I’ll be coming into Monday all guns blazing with a full day off work and a desire to recover lost ground.

How did all of you get on today? Are your projects going to plan? I wanna know a bit more about you guys and what you’re doing, so please let me know in the comments section and let’s connect during this full-on time for writers!

Have a nice day and I’ll be back after the weekend! Bye!

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