My Sponsored Walk for Sarcoma UK: I need your help!

I’ll keep it short and sweet this time.

Three years ago, I had a friend called Eleanor (we all called her Els) who was sadly diagnosed with sarcoma, which is cancer in the bones. When you hear something like that, you quietly prepare for the worst, and it can wipe the smile of anyone’s face pretty fast.  But not her. She never complained about her illness; she fought it with a massive smile on her face until she was given the all clear in March last year. There she was, back on her feet.

The sarcoma returned, however, during the summer, and it took her life in November.

Now, we grow up knowing that death is inevitable, but we don’t suspect that it could happen to someone so early in life. The fact that this does happen appals me, and something should be done about it to give other people a better chance of beating sarcoma.


So therefore, in her memory, and in order to raise money and awareness for sarcoma, I will be teaming up with her brother, Richard, who is hands down my best pal, and three of our friends to walk the Isle of Wight for three days.

Richard has set up a JustGiving page where we will be accepting any donations. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated, as we can give anyone who suffers with sarcoma a greater chance for their lives. All donations will go to the charity Sarcoma UK.

I’ll leave a link to the JustGiving page here:

While you’re at it, also give Sarcoma UK a visit on their page:

Like I said before, anything you can do for us would be greatly appreciated!

Till next time! Bye-bye!

*The Sarcoma UK logo is owned by Sarcoma UK, not me. Please support them.

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