Learning the Wrinkles

I looked in the mirror this morning after I got out of the shower today, and stared at my reflection for a while. After more job rejections and writers block, I began asking myself where the last twenty-three years have gone. When I failed to find an answer, I just frowned at my reflection, and wrinkles started to appear on my head.

Wrinkles? Oh God, surely I’m not that old? I haven’t even lived yet!

You see, whenever people think of wrinkles, it’s those contours on you face that make you look old which come to mind. Getting old worries me because it reminds me that time runs out pretty damn quickly, so I suppose I owe it to myself to use that time wisely, whether that’s making a plan for my life or just taking it day by day. Either way, commit to something and run with it.

Like these Daily Prompts for example. They can be real lifesavers when you haven’t got an idea for a blog post. In fact, I was so stumped, I even looked ‘wrinkle’ up online to find other meanings for that word.

That’s when I found the phrase: ‘learning the wrinkles from someone’, as in learning something useful. And that was the ‘other meaning’ that fuelled me to write this post.

I think that growing up is the most perilous, shocking, but exciting adventure that human beings embark on. It’s a train we can never get off of, a path we never stop treading, a struggle we never stop fighting against. We don’t stop growing up until the day we die, and we often have people around us to show us the way, like friends, family and even our enemies. It’s unclear how what our paths are and how far they lead us, but it can be pretty perilous and testing.

One of the biggest ‘wrinkles’ I learned was to ditch the perfectionist mentality, because it causes me to drive myself mad over little things. I felt like I had to know everything, whether it was a witty retort to whatever banter is thrown my way or the whole ins and outs of blogging and writing.

That mentality didn’t empower me. It just made me anxious and desperate.

As I said in previous posts, my dream is to become a full time writer, but that’s going to take time. There’s no way I can know everything; my journey’s only just started! The question that always pops up in my head is how much time it’ll take, but I’ve got to learn the wrinkles before I can answer that properly.

It may take me ten years to write a novel and get it published. Hell, it may even take me twenty. But as long as I’m learning the wrinkles, I am becoming wiser, stronger, and better-equipped to take on the world.

You can do it!.gif

By the time I get further down my path, when the wrinkles start showing on my face, I know I’ll have a lot to pass on to others, who will in turn learn the wrinkles from me.

What I’m trying to say is this: live your life to the fullest! There’s nothing to fear!


And with that, another brick for my Many-Storied Building is laid!

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave a comment!

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

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