Wits of Steel

I’m sure you WordPress readers know of the Daily Prompt challenge, so here’s my attempt at today’s word: encrusted.

Everyone tells me that I need a thicker skin

As Life is a battle we just have to win.

You strive and thrive but step on eggshells

As intolerant opinions give you hell.

Minds encrusted by wits of steel

Take blow after blow without needing to heal

T’is the biggest lie that was ever told

To peoples whose desperate values they hold.

I moulded my words for the people around me

In danger of rebuke or animosity,

Letting them dominate a scene

Of bark-loudest voices and priorities obscene.

Yet their selfish desires still lay unrest?

An encrusted mind, they do not possess.

Voices of approval reign through their ears

To hide dark truths that secrete their tears.

An eggshell mind instead springs supreme

To deceive them into euphoric daydreams

If they wake up, they’ll recoil and gasp

As Life the Long Battle has the last laugh.

The beast that is Life can be tamed indeed

With hard lessons and warnings to heed.

So I encourage myself not to despair

As even Wits of Steel can be in need of repair.

By being true to me, Life can stand by my side

While I leave my eggshell life behind

No more will words be moulded to please,

To massage the egos of others with ease.

Everyone tells me that I need a thicker skin

To combat Life outside and within.

With Wits of Steel, I strengthen my chin

To endure, heal, and inevitably win.

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